Manetta Deggelman

Manetta Deggelman


Starting out on the board of directors for Champion International Federal Credit Union in 1995, Manetta has often said that she loves being on the LANECO board. And it shows. "It's a good way to interact with other people and expand my horizons," she stated in a recent interview. And that in turn helps expand and grow the credit union.

Since taking the reigns as president of the LANECO board, she's been integral is helping shape the future of the credit union. "My proudest accomplishment has been the successful merger and the retention of the management staff, namely Loreeen and Donna. It is very important to keep the good ones."

Talking about credit unions as a whole, she stated that they are excellent financial institutions. "We provide high returns for savings accounts and low interest rates for loans. We help our members with all types of financial needs. And we don't nickel and dime them to death."

One of her favorite things about LANECO is the personal service. "We're like a big family. The LANECO staff greets every member that walks in the door. Our personal service is our biggest strength and benefit to members."

A construction industry professional, she currently woks with McIntyre Construction, Inc. When she's not on the job or guiding credit union policy, she's composing photographs and traveling the globe.