Michael Turner

Michael Turner


Like the rest of us, Mr. Turner has seen a lot of changes in the financial industry over the years. But he's gotten to experience some of them first hand. You see, Michael is on the LANECO board of directors.

"I enjoy working with the other volunteers and the staff," explained Michael when asked about his 20-plus years on the board. "I love the credit union philosophy. Its nice to know that the people who operate credit unions really do have the member's best interest at heart and not some bottom line mandate."

Michael became a LANECO member when he bought his first home. Using his car as collateral, he was able to secure the down payment. "I've been a member ever since," he said, smiling.

Mr. Turner's 32-year career with Lane County Waste Management Division was highlighted when he spearheaded the successful hazardous waste program still in use today. He is a Lane Community College graduate, father, grandfather, and community leader.