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Providing simplified access to affordable financial services.

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Laneco Federal Credit Union

74A Centennial Loop, Eugene, OR 97401

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Laneco Federal Credit Union merging with Central Willamette Credit Union?
Answer: The merger is aimed at combining resources to provide our members with enhanced financial services, a wider range of products, more competitive rates, and a larger network of branches and ATMs.
2. How will this merger benefit me as a Laneco member? 
Answer: Members will benefit from access to more branches and ATMs, a broader array of financial products and services, and the combined expertise and resources of both credit unions.
3. How will the merger affect my vehicle, equity and share secured loan payments? 
Answer: Rest assured, the interest rate and payment amount on your loan will remain consistent until the loan is fully repaid. Please continue to make your payments as usual. If you have arranged for automatic loan payments, this service will proceed without interruption. Be advised that there will be a change to your account number in the future; however, you will receive ample notification ahead of this update to ensure a seamless transition. 
4. Can I continue to use my Laneco checks, debit cards, and credit cards? 
Answer: Yes, all existing checks, debit cards, and credit cards will continue to be valid. We will inform you in advance of any changes or updates in the future. 
5. Will the merger affect the interest rates on my savings? 
Answer: There are no immediate changes to your existing rates. Any changes in the future will be aimed at providing more favorable terms to our members.
6. Will the Laneco branch remain open? 
Answer: The Laneco branch will continue to operate as usual. Members will also gain access to additional branches from Central Willamette Credit Union. 
7. How will this merger affect the staff at my local Laneco branch? 
Answer: We value our staff highly and anticipate that the merger will provide more opportunities and resources for them. They will continue to be a crucial part of our team. Loreen has previously communicated her plans to retire in the coming months following the successful completion of the merger and system integration.
8. Will there be any changes to the online banking/bill pay services? 
Answer: Online banking services will continue as usual for the immediate future. We will be integrating Laneco members into the CWCU Online Banking platform as a part of the merger integration. We will keep you updated on any new features or changes. 
9. How can I get updates about the merger process? 
Answer: Updates will be regularly provided through our website, online banking messaging and in-branch notices. We encourage you to keep your contact information updated to receive the latest news. 
10. Who can I contact for more questions or concerns about the merger? 
Answer: For any further questions, please feel free to contact our team at (541) 683-5665, toll free at (800) 709-5665 or visit the branch for personal assistance. 
11. Now that the merger has been approved by Laneco members, what happens next?
Answer: While Laneco FCU members and their board of directors have approved the merger, it will not become legally effective until July 1, 2024. The Eugene branch will continue to serve only Laneco FCU members until the CWCU systems, products, and services have been integrated later this year. After system integration members will be able to visit any CWCU location. We will keep you posted along the way as we move along the path of full integration with CWCU.